Name: Louis William Tomlinson

D.O.B: 24/12/91

Star sign: Capricorn

Home town: Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Favourite film: Grease Favourite band: The Fray

Favourite TV show: The X Factor

Celeb crush: Diana Vickers

Man crush: Robbie Williams

Bet you didn’t know: He owns boxers with ‘lubbly jubbly’ written on the front and he loves toms

Turn-ons: Fake glasses, fake tans

Turn-offs: PDAs, tattoos, farting and Cher Lloyd

Louis Tomlinson is one fifth of teenage heartthrob sensations One Direction, who were formed on The X Factor in 2010. Louis was born in Doncaster, South Yorkshire and was a sixth-form student at Hall Cross school when he auditioned for the talent show, performing Hey There Delilah by the Plain White T’s. All three judges put him though, but he was rejected as a solo act at bootcamp, before being put together with four other solo acts to create One Direction. The boyband reached third place in the finals, and went on to sign a £2million record deal with mentor Simon Cowell’s record company Syco. Their debut single What Makes You Beautiful was released in September 2011 and reached number one in the UK Singles Chart, as well as earning them a nomination for Best British Single at the 2012 BRIT awards. In the month of the single’s release, Louis’ bandmate Harry Styles reportedly set him up on a date with model and student Eleanor Calder, and the pair have been dating since.

Louis’ Interview:

What kind of boyfriend are you?
I’m a bit of a joker. I can be a romantic, but not too sickly- I like to keep it on a level. You have to get the banter in there, too, otherwise you scare the girl away.

Are you a loyal boyfriend or do you have a roving eye?
I’m a very loyal boyfriend.

What would you wear to go on a date?
I hate wearing the same as everyone else, so I’d probably wear my purple chinos- they sound disgusting but they look cool – and a polo or t-shirt and a cardigan. I love clothes, so I’d make sure I look nice.

What would you like your date to wear?
I’d like her to be dressed up, but to have her own style.

If the rest of the band didn’t like your date, would that put you off, even if you really liked her?
No, what I do in my personal time is about me. If other people don’t agree, then it doesnt matter ‘cos it’s my opinion and that’s what counts at the end of the day.

Where would you go on a date?
I’m a bit old-fashioned and I like the idea of going to the cinema and then an Italian restaurant.

Would you pay for everything or share the bill?
Oh no, I’d pay for everything.

Would your date get a kiss at the end of the night?
Yeah, definitely, to show that I’m still interested.

Would you take her number? And would you call or text?
Of course, although it would depend on how the date goes. If it wasn’t a great date, I might let her down slowly. I hate guys who just ignore girls.

What makes a good girlfriend?
Someone who is loyal and has a sense of humour, and is kind-hearted too. Oh and if they’re tidy, that would be good because I’m not.

Is there a certain type of girl that you go for?
I don’t think so, no, but I like someone who likes a laugh.

Is it scary or exciting being surrounded by screaming girls?
It’s incredible – it’s great to have people show their support for you when you’re doing something that you love, and the fact that they are girls makes it that much better!

Louis’ Fact file
Full name: Louis William Tomlinson

DOB: 24 December 1991.

Best thing about being a boy?: being interested in girls.

Best thing about being in One Direction?: just the laugh we have, and also I’ve made four new friends

Best cure for the One Direction infection?: the best cure for that is probably penicillin!

Fave aftershave?: Hollister.

Fave grooming product?: dry shampoo- when I can’t be bothered to wash my hair.

PJs, pants or nothing in bed?: it depends on the temperature. If its nice and hot, i will happily sleep naked, but if its a bit chilly then pyjama bottoms, but I’m all for sleeping naked.

Bath or shower?: shower

What mobile phone do you have?: I have an iPhone 4 and a Blackberry.

What do you cuddle up to at night?: My pillow- all my teddies passed away a few years ago.